Overview mode

Added features include the C4 icon in overview mode. 

Other features such as grenade icon visibility, tweaked visibility of death-trace (red line from killer to killed) and visibility of C4, whenever it is carried, dropped or planted is also available now. 

The C4 icon will be always visible in the Overview mode. The C4 icon appears on the player, next to his name, or anywhere in the map, if the C4 was dropped. When C4 is planted, the C4 icon will pulsate faster, towards detonation, while also showing the timer.

Since Skybox3D update 0.38, it is also possible to see grenade icons, which helps to  understand what type of grenade it is, even if it is still flying in the air. Icons can be enabled via Sidebar/Visual Tools/ Grenade icons.

Note: button Grenade icons only appear when-in Overview mode.