Map style - which one to choose?

There are 3 different map styles to choose from, when using the Skybox 3D client. Below you will find information about each of them and by that make it easier for you to choose the map style that fits you and your needs the best way. 





  • We recommend this map style for quick match reviews, when internet connection is slow or when Skybox3D is run on a slow computer.
  • This map style uses real time lighting, however for performance reasons only one or two lights are used per map. Naturally, the shadows are updated real-time - moving, removing or Glassifying objects will change casted shadows.
  • PROS. Light map style is the most optimized map and does not require a powerful computer to run. It is also light in size, hence it is faster to download and to load. Typical, this map file size varies from 55 to 243mb.
  • CONS. Majority of objects in this map style are colored by a single color, without using any textures. For this reason, if viewed from far away, the map can look stylized and simple, however from close up - as in POV mode, it can look too simple and lacking in details.


  • We recommend this map style if you want a closer look at original maps of CS:GO, but when you are concerned about downloading time or how much space you have in your hard drive. The typical file size varies from 160 to 368Mb
  • This map style uses the same lighting as the Light map style, but there might be a few more lights in the scene.
  • PROS. It has a better Clean Mode than High Quality and more texture-detail than Light map style.
  • CONS. Due to the small amount of real-time lights, this map style can look badly lit and less appealing than High Quality.

High Quality

  • We recommend this map style if you want the highest quality and closest look to the original CS:GO maps. The map size is the biggest, typically from 280 to 562 Mb.
  • This map style uses baked lighting so moved, removed or Glassified objects do not change shadows or lights.
  • PROS.  Best quality in comparison to the other two map styles.
  • CONS. Because the shadows are static, Clean Mode is not as optimized as in the other two modes - map details are not removed when Clean Mode is enabled. Overview mode clarity is reduced because of other shadows on the ground. It is also the slowest to load and download.