Custom Camera Paths and Cinematics

Trying to set your own cameras and cinematics for broadcasting? We heard you.


We will check perhaps the most interesting tools for broadcasters and content creators, Static Camera Positions and Cinematic Camera Paths. Both tools will give you access to the possibility to create your own camera positions and move around the map with the placement of your own cinematic. You don’t need to know the exact coordinates of the map, or memorize codes in the developer’s console as in CS:GO, we will just use the power of our click and our creativity. 

Static Camera Positions:

To see this option you need to click Freelook on the top menu and go to the end of the right panel that has just appeared. Here you will have the possibility to create your own static points in the map, in order to capture the action from new angles. To do this, we need to move around the map and stop where we want a new camera to be placed, then just click “Create Position” and you will have it done, you can edit their names and their shortcuts to access them by clicking on the pencil next to them.

Cinematic Camera Paths:

For this feature, we will do the same process as for the Static Camera Position, it would show up at the end of the right menu. Here we will have 3 options “Create Animation”, “Add Position” and “Save.

    1. Step 1: Press “Add Position” in the place you would like to start the animation.
    2. Step 2: Press “Add Position” in the place you want the animation to end. 
    3. Step 3: Press “Save”, the animation will be created after that process. 

You can edit the animation’s name and shortcut by clicking on the pencil next to them. You can click the animation as many times as you need. Feel free to expand your creativity using this tool.